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Puttu Beef Curry

Puttu (steam cake) is a tasty Kerala dish mainly served as a break fast food item in Kerala. Kadala curry is the main combination to puttu. Puttu with pappadam is very familiar combination in rural areas of Kerala. Puttu and Piar (pea) Puttu and Pazham are highly used combo break fast item served as a genuine tasty food item of Kerala.
Here in this photo you can see the combination item of puttu (steam cake) and beef curry. As a natural food prepared with rice grains, puttu is served with many other curry items like beef curry, chicken curry, fish curry which are prepared with spicy tastes using the mixture of chilly, pepper, coconut milk. In this picture puttu is served with chicken fry (with in plate) beef curry and beef gravy as side dishes. Since puttu is widely used as a break fast item, diffrent veriries of puttu prepared with different tasty ingredients such as tapioca, wheat, and many other food grains.