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Super photos collection Nature

A special verity of humming bird shared food to its offspring. Super nature photo choice from see the photo gallery blog. Hope it is a better relaxation for those who are feared of Google Humming bird. Look this super picture of a jaguar climbing to a tree top. Amazing wild life photo with great back ground view. See this photo of flying vulture. View its sharp beak. A vulture pointing to a prey. It has the sharp view to any tiny creatures from many meters away in its move.
 A learning session of violin.  These beauty queens are made for each other. A great picture of crane couple.

Multi Colored Rose

See this rose with multi colors. I like this multi colored rose with a mixture of red and yellow in its petals.

I like the sweet smell of this rose
It looks like smiling with us
This my today's gift from my garden
I share this beautiful lovely multi colored rose to every flower lovers

Hope you enjoy the beauty of this flower.