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Best Lovers in the World

If there an award in the heading of Best Lovers in the World, I will recommend these couple for it. I got this image from a twitter profile which starts from @Gguzemen sorry I don't remember the exact twitter profile now. I am quite happy to publish this amazing photo of squirrels kissing each other. If somebody know about the ultimate Best Lovers in the World award, just inform me. So that I can prepare a award proposal for these beautiful squirrels.

Do you like this photo? If you really like this photo feel free to express your comments with this post. Hope you all are enjoying the photos shared with this blog. Happy to see that the number of subscribers increased upto 40 now. Hope all of the subscribers are getting our post free of cost. Keep tuned and recommend your friend. Each of the friend you referred to See the Photo are highly valuable for us.

Aiming High Means

Do you know what is mean my aiming high ?
The photo in which a lady aiming with  his legs does not represent an ordinary aiming.
In life people differ in their aims. Just think what is your aim of your life ?
To become richer ?
To lead a happy life?
Some time you may have an aim to get a good paying job
The aims of people deffer. Differ in their approach, differ in their attitudes.
Are you keeping any aims which are not at all fulfilled?
A strong aim comes from keen observations. The keen observation in the sense not just analyzing others. But its is really watching with eyes. Understanding after watching through your mind.

Onam Pookalam Designs 2014

Onam Pookalam Designs 2014
Download free onam pookalam design photos 2014
Onam, the main festival of Kerala is celebrated in connection with the mythical story in which the Mahabali visits Kerala people. Onam pookalam is prepared during onam festival season to welcome Mahabali, the asura raja who ruled Kerala.

Wishing happy and prosperous onam to all of you