Lindsay Lohan again in Jail

Lindsay Lohan 2011 Lindsay Lohan, the famous Actress, pop singer and model of America sentenced for 120 days in jail for violating probation. For forth time Lindsay Lohan punished for jail. She was much more famous from her childhood as a model. Lindsay Lohan was highly accepted in area of fashion modelling and later her Currier rooted in pop music and films. Tilll 2007 her career as an actress was successful and mostly accepted by the public. But a series of incidents occurred in her life after 2007 lost many opportunities in many films and similar chances. The TV serial acted by Lindsay Lohan named Ugly Betty in 2008 was famous. The pop music album published in 2005 named Speak was also hit. But her personal life attracted more publicity after 2006. Lindsay Lohan was born in New York in 1986 as a eldest and has three young sibling. The social scientist are in the opinion that the social background in which Lindsay Lohan was brought up created many problems to her personal life. Her Father Micheal Lohan separated from the family after the birth of four children. The family was reunited and again brocken in 2005. There started the problems for Lindsay Lohan. The personal disintegration factors from her family made her life a frustrated one ever she became a celebrity.

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