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Brown Cake: Photo of Chocolate Cake Slice

Chocolate cakes are favorite for sharing romantic moods and occasions. Chocolate brown Cakes are an unavoidable item in smart deserts and as a lovely item in functions and get together. I remember the sweetness of chocolate cake we served during the annual days. During one year completing celebration of Sippy, we have used the Chocolate cake. These brow-nee sweet cakes have many words to share in any occasion it is served. Creamy chocolate cakes served with cooling and a glass f fresh tomato white wine. Special more moments awaits for our up coming annual celebrations. I am sharing this brown cake slices to everybody who like brown chocolate cakes

Aloo paratha - Tasty vegetarian

Aloo paratha is a tasty and delicious Indian vegetarian dish. Aloo paratha is regularly prepared and served in most of the North Indian places. It is tasty dish made with potato. In India its is very important and favorite dish which is also colloquially called as Aloo rotty. Actually there are few more types of Aloo parathas. Commonly north Indians use it dry (fried) version which will be crispy. Mostly it is served as main dish and some times served as secondary dish with rice. Mostly used combination is potato carry.

Aloo Paratha is most favorite food item to vegetarians of India. But star hotels and big malls sell it's different versions with combo meals and with non vegetarian side dishes.